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April 21st 2020

When you work on your lower back. Take it slow. Movements should be slow and controlled.

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🔥Lower Back Range of Motion⤵️ . ❤️Tag a friend who is looking for more healthy shoulders! . ❓What are the motions of the lower back? ❗️Tag a friend who could benefit from this! . 👉The lumbar spine can demonstrate four main types of motions - flexion, extension, rotation, and lateral flexion. This region generally shows 40-50° flexion, 15-20° extension, 5-7° rotation, and 20° lateral flexion. . 👊Flexion is generally limited due to soft tissue tension, whereas the other motions may be limited by either soft tissue tension or bony approximation. This is considered to be the global range of motion for the lumbar spine, with each segment having its own intervertebral range associated with it. Intervertebral range of motion varies by the segment, but it is generally representative of a equal distribution of the above ranges of motion. . 🎊These are not secret drills or techniques, just some options to help inspire people to move more and live a higher quality life. #Samtalksbacks #backpain #lowerbackpain #lowbackpain

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April 20th 2020

Monday leg day. In my opinion, you should start your week with a leg day. What I like most about the post below is this trainer's form. He has great body mechanics. What I don't like is how he started by picking up the dumb bell. Pick up a weight using your legs (not your back) and set the weight down the same way. This is a burn out exercise. Remember to always keep form no matter how tired you are.


2 ways to help #MaintainYourGainz from home 🏠 If you are limited at home with no equipment, or minimal resources at “light” weights, here are 2 ways you can maintain your gainz without continually doing 11,000 rep workouts. If you are fortunate enough to have a full set up at home, these are 2 methods you can implement to mix it up. Number 1: Tempo Training (see video 1) It increases the time that your muscles are under tension and working, which is extremely effective for muscle and strength gains. You will be recruiting and activating more muscle fibers. And because you can’t rush when you tempo train, slowing it down will help you increase your body control and awareness, and improve your stability. It’s great for your joints as well. A good starting point would be something like a 3-3-3-1 tempo to start. But wait, what does 3-3-3-1 mean?! The 4 numbers indicate the 4 phases in a lift: 1. The seconds down (the eccentric portion) 2. The seconds paused at the bottom (the isometric hold) 3. The seconds up (the concentric portion) 4. The seconds paused at the top ————————————————————— Number 2: Elevator Reps (see video 2) An ‘Elevator Rep’ has THREE components: a half rep, a three-quarter rep, then a full rep all in succession, back-to-back-to-back - that’s one. This is an different/additional way to overload your muscles and grow them. Using a squat as an example: squat down, come halfway back up, go down again, then come three-quarters of the way up, go down again, and come all the way back up. Sounds crazy right? It is, and that is just 1 rep. I promise, these - are - NAS - TYYY😅🔥☠️ Give it a try! Tag me so I can check it out! #mflhtraining #workfromhome #tempotraining #elevatorreps

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April 16th 2020

Injury prevention. Let's build strength and balance where we need it most.


Ankle Strength - Bands & More. Following post shows both some classic and creative movements to strengthen the ankles and improve balance/proprioception. . . 1️⃣ - Dumbbell Side to Side Pass 2️⃣ - Banded Ankle Dorsiflexion 3️⃣ - Banded Ankle Eversion 4️⃣ - Banded Ankle Inversion 5️⃣ - Single Leg Bench Squat 6️⃣ - Single Leg Wall Catches . . 🐥 - These are some of the exact exercises that I have been focusing on for preventative measures due to recurrent ankle sprains. Focusing on some of these might be a nice addition to your routine. Please share with someone who would benefit from seeing this post! . . 💪 - Interested online training to help reach your goals and get into the best shape of your life? Click the link in my bio and fill out the online training form! . .

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April 15th 2020

Leg day again. Never miss a leg day.


🔥Quad Strength⤵️ - ❤️ TAG or SHARE this post with a friend who would benefit! . 👉 Probably my favorite muscle group would be the quads. In the last few decades quads have fallen to the way side secondary to the growth of posterior chain strength focus in athletic training and rehab and then a huge focus on 🍑 training. Nothing is inherently wrong with this except the quads are pretty awesome and are very beneficial to our bodies and movements. . 🥧Training quads isn’t all that complex, focus on knee extension in varying positions and with differing amounts of hip flexion/extension. The knee extension part is fairly obvious. The hip flexion/extension is due to the rectus femoris crossing the hip and being a quad muscle. . 🥠Here are 7 awesome quad moves to help you build a set of power quads. . 📌Split squat lead leg focus 📌Split squat rear leg focus 📌Heels elevated goblet squat 📌Wall squat 📌Terminal knee extension 📌Kneeling lean backs 📌Leg extension . 🎊These are not secret drills or techniques, just some options to help inspire people to move more and live a higher quality life. . ☄️Want to learn more about this stuff? - Check out my blog for longer format discussions - Subscribe to my newsletter for updates on content and projects - Head over to @citizenathletics1 for training content and learn how you can make the best fitness improvements possible ❗️This is not medical advice #CitizenAthletics #Samtalksknees

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April 14th 2020

We need to improve our thoracic mobility at the same time as we improve our hip mobility. We need to work in parallel. Your body is a kinetic chain. It all works together.


💥UNLOCK YOUR THORACIC SPINE💥 - Mobility Flow Series🌊 . by • @docdavesong! . ➖➖➖➖➖ What's up everyone? Today I am posting about thoracic mobility and why you may want to work on it. The thoracic spine refers to the part of the spine that connects your neck to your low back. Attached to them are also your ribs that will then connect to the front of your chest onto the sternum. When this area is feeling stiff or tight, it can produce pain between the shoulders blades, and it can be related to pain experienced in the neck and low back! But why? . ✔ Humans are habitual creatures, for better or worse when we start getting into a rhythm (including our movement) it tends to stick. Sometimes that rhythm can lead to relying on one region of the spine more than the other - a.k.a. movement 'compensations', which may build up over time and overload your neck or low back tissues - causing pain. I'm not saying that ALL issues occur because of this, its just one of many reasons out there . 🤔 So what can you do? Today I strung together my top 9 thoracic rotation and extension based mobility exercises, both passive and active in nature . ➡️ Thoracic Cat Camels ➡️ Thoracic Rotations ➡️ Thoracic CARs ➡️ Sphinx Rotations ➡️ Passive Thoracic Extensions ➡️ Active Thoracic Rotations ➡️ Bent Over Thoracic Rotations ➡️ Irradiated Thoracic Rotations ➡️ Banded Straight Arm Sphinx Rotations . . . 🙌🏻 Tag your friends and family that NEED this! ➖➖➖➖➖ #spinemobility #mobilityflow #healthyspine #thoracicmobility #thoracicspine . . ❌🔥 Wanna Discover 6 POWERFUL HIP & LEG STRETCHES FOR FAST SCIATICA/LOW BACK PAIN RELIEF (FEEL BETTER NOW)💥❌ Check link in bio:@backpainmajorrelief✅✅✅

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April 13th 2020

We have to stay mobile. Maintain a positive attitude. Take time twice a day to stretch. Clear your mind.


Full Body Mobility ⤵️ - ❤️ TAG or SHARE this post with a friend who would benefit! . ❓Have you been feeling stiff lately? Struggling with being cooped up at home? Not able to move around like usual leaving you feeling off? . 👉Here are a few different movements you can try out! These cover your back, neck, elbow, hip, and ankle. You could apply the same principles to other joints, we are just focusing in on these. . ✊These are good movements for working on general motion and control. If you feel like they’re too hard, try doing just part of the motion. If you feel like they’re too easy, go slower, add weight, or do more reps! . ?? If you have any questions, toss them in the comments and let’s discuss! . For those looking for a program, check out the new 8 program @E3Rehab just released on mobility, control, & resilience! #E3Rehab

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April 9th 2020

These are my favorite stretches. These will be incorporated into our pre-workout routine. Please practice.


‼️WEEKEND HIP MOBILITY FLOW‼️ - - 🔑Being flexible and bendy is great, but having control of your full range of motion should be the ultimate goal! - 👉🏽Rarely these days do I prescribe static stretching to improve someone’s mobility as I’ve found out over the years that static stretching is not the best use of your time & it doesn’t translate well into functional movement. - ✅Active mobility techniques like these improve range of motion while also gaining better muscular control of this new range!!! - - This creates a neuromuscular response that allows our body to feel SAFE into greater ranges of motion and keeps ligamentous stress at bay. - - 🎥 VIDEO BREAKDOWN 🎥 1️⃣ 90/90 ER/IR leans ➕ Segmental transition to middle ➕ Middle leans ➕ 90/90 ER/IR leans ➕ Segmental transition to middle ➕ Middle leans ➕ Butterfly leans 2️⃣ Worlds Greatest Piriformis Stretch with ankle and knee rollouts 3️⃣ Hip Flexor + Hamstring Mobilizations 4️⃣ Groin / Adductor sit back mobilizations 5️⃣ Modified Sartorius Mobilizations - - 🔹I recommend adding a set of 5-10 on each side of each of these openers to your program at least 3 times a week! - - Also, SLOW IT DOWN- after all, mobility isn’t how fast you can do something, it’s about slow controlled movement! . . . TAG A FRIEND‼️ . COMMENT ‼️ . SHARE THIS ‼️ ----------------------------------- #clinicalathlete #hipflow #animalflow #controlyourself #frc #functionalrangeconditioning #kinstretch #selfcaresaturday #stretch #mobilityflow #hipmobility

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April 8th 2020

It is important to work on parts of your body that you never do. Why? When will you? Work on your spine mobility. Your body is a kinetic chain.


Low Back Program Giveaway👉🏽 — Tag someone who is looking for back mobility! . Are you looking for a back program that will help with mobility, strength, and control? Head over to @E3Rehab where we are doing a giveaway for a back resilience program today! . You can also head over to YouTube and check out an example of the program where I filmed a routine that you can go through, which features the cat cow and many more! . Times are crazy, gyms are shut down, clinics are closed, access to equipment is minimal, and it can be hard to know what to do for aches, pains, or just getting as resilient as possible. . We just released 8 new programs, covering the ankle to the wrist that are designed to help you with mobility, strength, balance, and control - without the need for any equipment and can be done from the safety of your home. . Our back program is a 4 phase program designed specifically to improve the strength, mobility, and control of your back! There is zero equipment required for the program, but if you have bands or weights, you can use them as well. . This program comes with your movements, sets, reps, and progressions outlined for you with the ability to customize it to your needs. You get access to a clickable library of movements with instruction to help get you crushing it! . Check out the other programs that we just released for the ankle, knee, hip, thoracic spine, neck, elbow and wrist! Link in our bio! . #E3Rehab #Samtalksbacks

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April 7th 2020

Speed drills you can do in your basement.


Tag a friend and have some fun with these ladder drills! You’ll also get your heart rate pumping❤️ & maybe even improve the speed of your feet! 💯Spice up your workouts with some fun drills and you will get excited to come back for more! ❤️ 1. X-Country Ski 2. Lateral X-Country Ski 3. Heisman 4. Stationary Crossover 5. Plank Lateral Hop (Modification Plank Side Step) 6. Single Leg Hop Forward & Back 7. Forward Back 3x Burpee Tuck Jump 30-45sec each, 2-3sets BONUS Single Leg Hop Forward & Back 2x to Warrior Pose Hold If at first you don’t succeed try try again! Make sure you have fun! 🎶Song is Simon Says by Megan Thee Stallion @theestallion 🎶🔥 ❤️For a Kick butt workout with instructions & modifications for all levels login to our club @HollywoodtrainerClub click on #Exercise then #VirtualGym and press play on #CardioBlast let’s go! #WorkoutMotivation #LadderDrills

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April 6th 2020

Never miss a leg day. The workouts provided should help give you ideas throughout your week. If you don't like some that is okay. Create a hybrid workout using those that you do like.


🚨SQUAT - AT HOME VARIATIONS🚨 - 🟩 This post shows you how an exercise performed at the gym can be replicated at home🏠. - 🟦 The squat is a great functional movement to perform – it requires your core, hips, quads, and back musculature to work simultaneously as well as providing hip and ankle mobility. Adding➕Squats to your current home program can provide improved strength💪🏼, mobility, and power. - 👉🏼 SWIPE LEFT to see how each SQUAT variation can be replicated with bands (bridging the gap between gym and home): . 1️⃣ Back Squat 2️⃣ Front Squat 3️⃣ Zercher Squat 4️⃣ Overhead Squat 5️⃣ Thruster 6️⃣ Jump Squat (horizontal & vertical) - ⭕️TAG AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS THAT COULD BENEFIT FROM THIS POST⭕️ - 🎥Credit: @julietteocfit

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April 3rd 2020

30 minute core workout.

  • Stretch
  • 3X leg lifts, 45 seconds each, 30 second break
  • 3X scissors, 45 seconds each, 30 second break
  • 3X planks, 45 seconds each, 30 second break
  • 3X side planks, 45 seconds each, 30 second break
  • Stretch


April 2nd 2020

We need to improve speed. It starts with our hips.


🚨HIP FLEXOR REHAB🚨 — The psoas is a hip flexor that runs from your lower spine to the hip (specifically the lesser trochanter). Strains can occur with activities such as sprinting🏅, kicking⚽️, or any activity that places stress on the anterior/front hip. When the activity supersedes the muscles tolerance, a muscle strain💥may occur. Important part of hip flexor rehab is retraining the muscle to contract under appropriate tension. — 👉🏻 The following exercises (SWIPE LEFT) are focused on three progressions of rehab: . 1️⃣ Hip Flexor Isometric - pain relief. 2️⃣ Standing Resisted Marching - motor retraining. 3️⃣ Hip Flexor Speed Drill - sport specificity training. — 🔥TAG AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS THAT HAVE HIP PAIN🔥 — 🟥 See LINK IN BIO if you need fitness bands - use my code for a reduced price 🟥 — 🎥 Credit: @julietteocfit

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April 1st 2020

Legs, legs, legs.


#bodyweight workout from your front yard and #stayhome with our Lower Body Workout for @msudenverathletics athletes and @msudenver students/staff! Adjust difficulty to what you can safely control. YouTube channel will be up and running soon! #stayfit with @msudenver_strength @jordanulrich15 and @jj_jones17 Movement Work: - Hill Sprints x 10 (45secs rest) Body Weight Circuit: 1A) Eccentric Split Squat (6,6,5,4,3,3 reps per set) - Lower into squat (6sec) - Don’t let back knee touch ground - Stand up - Repeat 1B) Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat Jump x 3/leg/set - Find something in house to elevate back foot (chair, couch, stair, etc) - Squat down - Drive off front foot jumping high - Land on front foot and repeat 1C) Snap Down Holds x 6/set - Start tall on toes - Attack the ground landing feet flat and in athletic position 1D) Glute Bridge Walkouts x 3 - Lie on back, - Walkout on heels, keeping hips and toes up - Using small steps until legs are straight - Walk back on heels to starting position - Repeat 1E) Plank x 30sec - Back flat, palms up - Ankles, hips, shoulders in line - Squeeze your stomach and hold - Body Weight Circuit 6 times consecutively

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March 31st 2020

Stretch, stretch, stretch.

March 30th 2020

We need to make sure we stretch at least twice a day. Stay positive!


Band Workout👉🏽 — Plus A Free Band Set Giveaway! Tag a friend and like this post to enter. Multiple entries are allowed! We are giving away FOUR sets!! . The @CFXtrainer is an elastic resistance handle free device that allows you to secure the strap to your wrist or ankle. This allows for it to be used in many unique ways that we couldn’t do with other bands! . Contest closes on Tuesday March 31 at 8AM EST. Apologies but can only ship to US and Canada right now. . In this videos I’m showing different ways we can use the CFX trainer for mobility to warm up, then doing some power, lower body, and ground based movements to create a comprehensive workout with one device! . Good luck everyone and stay strong!! We have teamed up with a number of companies and are excited to do a lot of giveaways over the next few weeks. . And also, if you haven’t already check out our free home workouts. Link in bio. . Check out to learn more about their products. And thanks to them for making this giveaway possible! . Stay safe, stay strong, be vigilant my friends! . #citizenathletics

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March 27th 2020


♡ > 🖤 𝐈𝐅 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐖𝐀𝐍𝐓 𝐀𝐁𝐒!👊 Follow @blaffitness for daily fitness/nutrition tips & education📚 - Here's a great aba workout that hits all areas of the core! - We've got 6 exercises here, do 3 sets of 45 seconds for each exercise, take up to 45 seconds rest between sets. - Add this workout into your program, combine it with a calorie deficit and you should see some definition in no time👊 - . . . . #absworkout #homeworkout #fatloss #cardioworkout #absworkouts #coreworkout #diet #dieting #6pack #exerciseprogram #coreworkouts #yoga #fitness #mobilitywod #flexibility #physicaltherapy #yogi #bodybuilding #didyouknow #deadlift #squat #hypertrophy #legday #workout #yogaformen #irishfitfam #mobility #yogafit #iifym #flyefit

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March 26th 2020

Get creative. Find ways to improve your hand eye coordination. Improve your footwork.

March 25th 2020


🚨BODYWEIGHT CARIO WORKOUT🚨 - 🟦 With limited space, equipment, and time (for those that are still working like myself), high intensity interval training, HIIT, is a great option to ramp up your heart rate (HR) and burn some calories. These workouts focus on metabolic conditioning (MetCon) which are workouts consisting of a series of exercises in a row with minimal rest that: stimulate muscle building, burn a ton of calories, & help in fat loss. - 🟩 Sequencing movements to help keep your HR ⬆️ puts a demand on your aerobic system to maintain a steady supply of energy. - 👉🏼 SWIPE LEFT for a great MetCon workout that can added to your training. This is an EMOM (every minute on the minute) Workout: . 4 Rounds consisting of: 1️⃣ Burpees x 1 min (2 options) 2️⃣ Air Squats x 1 min 3️⃣ Mountain Climbers x 1 min 4️⃣ Jumping Jacks x 1 min (2 options) 5️⃣ Rest x 1 min - 🔥TAG AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS THAT NEED A EMOM WORKOUT🔥 - 🎥credit: @karipearcecrossfit ✍🏻credit: @dr.samspinelli 💡credit: @thestrengthpts

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March 24th 2020

Please stretch today. Go for a walk. Run sprints and then stretch once more.


Great list of minimal equipment glute exercises from @rehabscience that can easily be done in comfort of your own home! . . 💥𝐆𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐞 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠💥 —— 🏋🏼‍♂️Short on equipment and wanting to train your glutes? No problem! There are several body-weight exercises that are extremely effective in terms of recruiting the gluteal muscles. - 🎯Shown in these videos are some of my go-to exercises (SWIPE LEFT ⬅️) for hitting all three glute muscles. These can be used to improve performance, boost general health or to help alleviate symptoms associated with many cases of low back, hip and/or knee pain. - 1️⃣Hip Abductor Plank 2️⃣Fire Hydrant 3️⃣Single-Leg Bridge 4️⃣Frog Bridge 5️⃣Single-Leg Hip Thrust 6️⃣Step Up 7️⃣Single-Leg Squat 8️⃣Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat 9️⃣Kick Back . ✅Give these a try and let me know if you have any questions. . .

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March 23rd 2020

Money muscles.


🚨ROWING - AT HOME VARIATIONS🚨 - 🟩 This post shows you how an exercise performed at the gym can be replicated at home🏠. - 🟦 The row 🚣‍♂️ is a multi-joint exercise that improves posterior trunk strength including lats, rhomboids, and traps. Depending on the movement selection, the lower extremities🦵can also be involved (i.e. to stabilize bent-over rows). - 👉🏼 SWIPE LEFT to see how each row variation can be replicated with bands (bridging the gap between gym and home): . 1️⃣ Bent-Over Row 2️⃣ T Bar Row 3️⃣ 1 Arm Row 4️⃣ Seated Row 5️⃣ Landmine Row 6️⃣ High Row - 🔥TAG AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS THAT COULD BENEFIT FROM THIS POST🔥 - 🎥Credit: @julietteocfit

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March 21st 2020

Coach says stay positive. Things happen for a reason.


🔥At Home Cardio🔥 - 👉🏼 Improving cardiovascular health can be hard if quarantined to your home. If you have a rower or an assault bike that is the preferred method. Running is also a great option if you are still able to in your area. If none of those are an option, give these a try. They are not typical cardio movements, but done in interval style can be a good way to do a cardio style workout. - 🖐🏼 Comment your favorite movement. - #controlyourself #crampcity #FRC #kettlebell #pt #movementismedicine #kinstretch #fitness #exercise #rehab #workout #gym #mobility #stretch #healty #yoga #drjcardozadpt #squat #prehab #strength #covid_19 #crossfit #membership #covid #corona

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March 20th 2020

Improve your grip strength. Think about how important your grip is when you play baseball. We catch the baseball with our hands, we swing a bat using our hands, we throw a baseball with our hands.


🚨GRIP STRENGTH PROGRESSION🚨 - Great post by @skallidis on improving grip strength! - Holding yourself up and being able to hang is pretty cool. 😎 Being able to do that allows you do other cool stuff like pull-ups, monkey bars, or climb a cliff. - Studies indicate that grip strength has an association with cognition🧠, mobility🤸🏽‍♀️, functional status🏃🏽‍♀️, and mortality💀. You could say it would be a good measure of general body strength and muscle mass. - 👉🏼 See the following exercises (SWIPE LEFT) to improve your grip strength — whether you’re a beginner or advanced: . 1️⃣ Assisted Dead Hang 2️⃣ Dead Hang 3️⃣ 1 Arm Dead Hang 4️⃣ Shoulder Taps 5️⃣ Rope Walk-Up 6️⃣ Towel Hang 7️⃣ Towel Pull-Up - 🛑TAG AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS ON THE BENEFIT OF A STRONG GRIP🛑

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March 19th 2020

Focus on lifting your own body weight. Balance, technique and control are very important here. Try to do as many controlled repetitions as you can in 30 minutes.


🔥Lower Body Home Workouts🔥 - 👉🏼 Here is a list of all my go to lower body exercises to perform while you are at home and have minimal equipment available. There are several more advanced progressions in here as well to really increase the difficulty of your workout. Add these to any home workout and let me know how you like them. - ✅ Dont forget to download my free at home workout plan. Link is in my bio. - #controlyourself #covid_19 #FRC #kettlebell #pt #movementismedicine #kinstretch #fitness #exercise #rehab #workout #gym #mobility #stretch #healty #yoga #drjcardozadpt #squat #prehab #strength #makeshitworknice #crossfit #membership #covid #corona

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March 18th 2020

Please text or e-mail me so I can verify if you are seeing my posts. 303-478-2952 or

  • stretch
  • 15 minute run
  • 20 40 yard sprints
  • stretch again

Please watch. In my opinion, right now, the greatest 3rd basemen of all time.

March 17th 2020

Stay focused. Be positive.

  • stretch
  • 15 minute run
  • band work
  • hip mobility
  • stretch again

🚨HIP FLEXOR MOBILITY PROGRESSION🚨 - If your feeling “tight” in your hips, add these into your daily routine that can be done with minimal equipment. Can substitute home products like a couch or chair to assist in performing the following movements! - The hip flexors often feel “tight” due to muscle shortening. This can occur from overuse or prolonged sitting👨🏻‍💻. When shortened, they do not allow the leg🦵to fully extend backwards. This can be problematic in conditions such as IT Band Syndrome, Runner🏃🏻‍♂️Injuries, Low Back Pain, and many other hip conditions. - 👉🏻The following exercise progression (SWIPE LEFT) will assist in reducing tightness in the hip flexor complex: . 1️⃣ Supine Over Foam Roller w/ Opp. Knee Tucked 2️⃣ Prone Knee Flexion w/ Band 3️⃣ Prone Knee Flexion w/ Band w/ Towel Under Distal Quad 4️⃣ Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch 5️⃣ Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch w/ Roller Under Back Leg ......🅰️ Plus Opp Side Trunk Lean ......🅱️ Plus Deficit Lunge (Plates Under Front Foot) 6️⃣ Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch w/ Medball Under Back Leg ......🅰️ Plus Opp Side Trunk Lean ......🅱️ Plus Deficit Lunge (Plates Under Front Foot) 7️⃣ Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch w/ PlyoBox Under Back Leg ......🅰️ Plus Opp Side Trunk Lean ......🅱️ Plus Deficit Lunge (Plates Under Front Foot) - 📝 NOTES: 🔹The added side bend increases the tension across the outer hip muscles 🔹Activate the glutes while in the stretch position 🔹Keep the lower abs engaged to further the stretch 🔹Shift hips forward until tension in front of the hip 🔹Progress to next stretch position once current muscle tension is no longer felt - 💥TAG AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS SINCE HIP TIGHTNESS IS SO COMMON💥 - 🎥 credit: @julietteocfit

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