Private lessons

Private lessons Cost
1 player $50/hour
2 players $80/hour
3 players $90/hour


Coach Castilleja teaches hitting fundamentals that helped the Pumas lead the state [high school] in home runs in his very first year of coaching in 2019.

Coach breaks hitting down into three areas: body balance, core strength and building power starting from the ground up.
    •    Balanced stance
    •    Balanced load
    •    Controlled stride
    •    Proper weight transfer
    •    Proper timing


Coach’s pitching philosophy is based on a five step throwing progression developed by the Los Angeles Dodgers and emphasizes on the following points.
    •    Balanced load 
    •    Leg strength
    •    Stride
    •    Leg drive
    •    Arm strength
    •    Proper grip


Coach Castilleja’s fielding philosophy focuses on agility and footwork. 
    •    Balance
    •    Quick footwork
    •    Balanced transfer

For more information please contact Coach Matthew Castilleja here.